Industry's best UX
Sleek UI attracts, converts, and retains users.
Advanced Charting
Over 100 technical indicators and features for the best technical analysis.
Real-Time Trades
Real-time quotes for seamless execution.
Easy Integration
Install and configure WebTrader in minutes.


Filter instruments by keyword or securities group, or define your own asset classes.


With smart one-click trading mode, traders are able to set size, TP/SL, and open orders with unparalleled speed.


Mark an instrument as a Favorite by clicking on the star; view them easily by selecting “Favorite” instruments group.


Advanced HTML5 charting includes five chart types, vector drawings, and 100+ studies.


Keep your eyes on the market trend and your open positions at the same time! Open and close trades directly from the chart.


ChartDock enables traders to analyze up to 10 charts simultaneously. Charts can be manually arranged or auto-arranged at the touch of a button.


With enhanced ‘Close All’ control, traders can close all profitable, losing, buy, sell and open positions with just one click.


Summary tab shows traders aggregated positions grouped by symbol, allowing users to easily see total P/L for a particular instrument.



ChartIQ WebTrader on Mac

Interested in Higher Trade Volumes and Lower Attrition?

Easily attract new customers, retain users, and affordably differentiate from your competition with WebTrader.

Today’s retail FX brokers are armed with precious few value propositions with which to attract new traders. A scarcity of opportunities for differentiation can contribute to falling trade volumes and high attrition.

ChartIQ offers retail FX brokers the opportunity to immediately differentiate and attract, convert and retain traders with a sleek, white label, HTML5 trading front end for MT4. For brokers, this compatibility means they can continue to use the same trusted MT4 back end they already have in place while still leveraging the opportunity to differentiate on the basis of technology.

Attract and retain traders with an MT4 web trading front end that offers a vastly improved UI, high-performance multi-chart support, advanced trading tools, and data that is always in sync with the terminal.

MobileTrader for MT4

Compliment your WebTrader offering with our MobileTrader for MT4. MobileTrader empowers users on-the-go with all of the core features of WebTrader in the palm of their hand.

MobileTrader is a lightning-fast app that provides all of the WebTrader functionality in a small form factor. Examine charts, check quotes and place trades. MobileTrader can be accessed by any mobile browser or bundled into a native iOS or Android application.

Key Features

Plug in architecture leverages existing MT4 APIs

Analyze up to 10 charts simultaneously with ChartDock. Charts can be manually arranged or auto-arranged at the touch of a button

Advanced HTML5 charting includes eight chart styles, advanced drawing tools, and 100+ studies

Real-time quotes and execution

Multi-language support

Mobile and web versions

Why WebTrader?

Easy setup using existing MT4 manager & admin tools

Professional fit & finish that promotes trust and retains users

Sleek, white label solution that is always in sync with MT4

The most technically advanced UI in the forex industry

Maximize your MT4 investment

MT5 coming soon

Make your WebTrader platform more intelligent by adding Featured Ideas™ by Trading Central.




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