Charting is at the core of every capital markets application. In addition to the most powerful charting SDK on the market, ChartIQ offers a range of fully functional and customizable applications built around our charting engine. ChartIQ is the foundation for the next generation of financial technology applications.


Institutional-grade, mobile-friendly.

Powerful enough for the most demanding use cases, but simple enough for a spark line on your homepage.

From the beginning, mobile friendliness has been a foundational element of our technology: everything you can do with a mouse and keyboard you can do with your fingers on a touch screen. ChartIQ uniquely delivers a consistent and powerful experience across desktop, web, tablet and mobile.

Fidessa Case Study

Built for you… so you can build what you want.

ChartIQ’s products have been built from the ground up for developers as software development kits.  Easily customized and integrated into your user experience with APIs for everything from custom indicators to specialized drawings tools to novel visualizations.

ChartIQ’s unique injection API allows deep customization without forking the source code.

Your imagination is the only limitation.

EDGAR Online Case Study

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