Introducing true order transparency.

Trade reconstruction has never looked so good.

What happens in the life cycle of an order matters. Firms spend millions on market surveillance and trade compliance to meet regulations like Dodd-Frank and MiFID II. The multitude of compiled data streams from different databases meets the requirements for compliance. But after all this data is collected, how well are you able to visualize what happened in the life cycle of an order? Leverage the power of our Life Cycle Events module to create the world’s first visual post-trade analytics solution.

The ChartIQ solution? Visually organized data.

Mock up of post-trade analytics chart

A customized event panel displays all your data points.

As a company focused on data visualization and the creator of the world’s most powerful HTML5 charts, we’ve developed a way for financial firms to see all relevant data related to an order. ChartIQ Post-Trade Visualization is a toolkit for firms spending time merging proprietary data (chats, phone logs, OMS data) and market/third party data, with no way to see the data in one place.

Say goodbye to excel, and make the most of visually organized data with Post-Trade Visualization by ChartIQ.

Advantages across the enterprise.


  • Detailed behavior of the algorithmic execution is displayed in real-time
  • Monitor alerts, volume flows across liquidity pools, and published IOIs
  • Any event, such as news or tweets, can be displayed on the chart

Compliance Officers

  • Integrate phone calls, chat histories, and emails
  • Event “swimlanes” provide visual clarity regarding the sequence of events
  • Reconstitute the order life cycle to ensure best execution

Solutions Providers

  • Present clients with all relevant information that goes into making a trading decision
  • Merge proprietary, market and third party data to easily analyze order history
  • Outdo your competition by being the first to provide full order transparency

How can Post-Trade Visualization help you?

Check out these use cases.

Order inspection over time.

Whether the order takes 5 milliseconds or 5 days, you can drill in to the entire lifecycle of the order. See every pertinent event – news, tweets, chats, phone calls, limit order changes, etc – all shown within the context of market data and algo benchmarks which combine to tell a complete story.

A real-time window into algorithmic executions.

Traders can see the progress of an order execution in real-time enabling them to respond and adjust the methodology based on current market activity. Visualization shines a bright light on black box algorithms.

Transaction cost analysis directly from the chart.

You’ve met your regulatory obligation to timestamp every event, and you can calculate your key metrics, but do you really understand your trade lifecycle? With ChartIQ Post-Trade Visualization, you can see the market move in relation to your participation rate, track shortfall to VWAP over time as the order executes, and even compare order performance metrics vs. historical orders of a similar type and size.



Go beyond collecting data. Experience full order transparency.
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