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Market Data Visualized in HTML5  

Financial market data widgets and portals allow news outlets, brokerages, and investor relations teams to deliver timely and comprehensive market data to their end users. Save time, reduce inefficiencies and stay competitive with our financial widgets and portal solution that include out-of-the-box market data, zero charge for exchange fees and the ability to fully customize to match brand standards. Say goodbye to market data pages and licensing data feeds and hello to beautifully designed charting solutions. ChartIQ’s easy to implement financial widgets and portals deliver financial content and interactivity straight to your customers, on any device.

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ChartIQ’s custom built financial portal and widgets deliver the capital market content your customers need, without the distracting clutter. Modular, configurable, interactive and ranging from single charts to entire investor relations sections, our solution can be quickly tailored and deployed to fit your audience and site design. ChartIQ has engineered a secure data delivery framework to host clients widgets so the are easily integrated into websites, portals, and an application’s already existing technology.


We offer a tested, core group of products for displaying charts, news, economic events, and company information. ChartIQ and Xignite partner to handle the hosting and provide the market data. The widgets can be quickly deployed on your site or portal via iframe.

Save time and development resources. Drawing on decades of financial technology experience, we’ll design and develop the content that is right for you. Our developers will build to your exact specifications, and our designers will fine-tune your ideas. Contact us to start a conversation.

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Key Features

100% Customizable

Seamlessly integrate our portal and widgets with your current site design, using little to no developer resources. Brand match, color match, visually organize your charts in a manner that best suits your end users.

Mobile. Web. Tablet.

Market data widgets are fully responsive, seamlessly adjusting to fit any screen size and ensuring an optimal experience across all devices: desktops, tablets and smartphones. A touch-optimized user experience gives your customers full interactivity wherever they are.

Market Data Included

Powered by Xignite, hosted widgets include US market data—no additional subscriptions or exchange agreements needed. Coverage of indexes and many international exchanges is available, too.

Easy Integration

Widgets are built to work in any environment. ChartIQ has engineered a secure data delivery framework to host client widgets so they can be easily integrated into your website or portal’s existing technology.

Beautiful Design

Outdated or poorly designed technology sends a negative message about your brand. ChartIQ’s modern, HTML5 financial portal and widgets provide custom tools and are built for a clean, user-minded design.

Viewer Retention

Increase your customer engagement, retain and increase visitors to your financial charting pages. By design our widgets keep your viewers on your own website through internal linking.

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