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The world of cryptocurrency is in need of professional-grade charting and trading solutions. ChartIQ’s HTML5 Charting Library offers a powerful charting engine that can handle heavy loads of cryptocurrency data, all within an easily customizable user interface. ChartIQ’s crypto solution can be completely white labeled across multiple domains and offers US-based support.

   Easy Integration

Is time-to-market one of your concerns? Don’t worry. The developer-friendly charting library is built using a highly robust and proprietary API and delivered as a simple SDK file. This one library is all that is need to provide cryptocurrency charting and trading capabilities across all devices – desktop, web, tablet, smartphone. The easy integration and flexibility of our Charting Library allows developers to focus on innovating versus building.


ChartIQ’s client-side JavaScript charting libraries gives you the ability to create custom cryptocurrency charts that reflect the uniqueness of your digital currency brand and product. Out-of-the-box, you are provided with a modern user interface with a large amount of charting real estate. ChartIQ’s HTML5 Charting Library includes 100+ studies, 30+ drawing tools, and many other important features that traders need.


The best crypto platforms should be able to handle large amounts of data at once. ChartIQ’s Charting Library is built on HTML5 Canvas for superior time series charting. HTML5 <canvas> also makes for a more reliable and stable product.

   Trade from the Chart

Let your traders stay consumed with your wonderful product by making it an all-in-one platform. Increase your users’ trading velocity by incorporating ChartIQ’s unique, on-screen Trade from the Chart feature. This feature allows crypto traders to enter and exit a trade without having to jump off to their trade execution platform. Staying within the platform saves time, reduces human-error, and keeps traders focused on profits.

The Ultimate Crypto Trading and Analysis Package

Our Software Package Includes:

  • Industry tested charts by ChartIQ
  • Personalized technical indicators for advanced traders with ScriptIQ
  • The ability for traders to trade directly from the chart
  • View bid (buy) and ask (sell) levels with Market Depth
  • View all the orders being made with an Order Book


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