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ChartIQ is the first and only professional grade HTML5 charting library solution that works seamlessly across desktop, web, tablet, and smartphone. More than just another charting tool, ChartIQ is a developer-friendly financial visualization engine built using a highly robust and proprietary API and delivered as a simple SDK file. ChartIQ offers a wide range of innovative data visualizations for time series charting that intuitively puts social, fundamental, and macro data in the context of charts across any asset class with any market data feed.



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One Library to Rule Them All

Most companies have at least one charting library for each platform they target – web, C#, Java, Android, iOS, etc. It’s not just your users that suffer from a fragmented user experience – your developers have multiple code bases to maintain, let alone try to improve.

With ChartIQ, you can replace all of your charting technologies – web, desktop, tablet, mobile – with a single library. Now your users will have a consistent experience and your developers can spend time innovating instead of catching up.

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Charting Library Software Development Kit (SDK)

More than just another charting tool, ChartIQ is a developer-friendly financial visualization platform. Built as a powerful set of client-side JavaScript charting libraries, ChartIQ gives you the flexibility to build what you want, how you want it, and ultimately create the user experience you envision for your audience.

With ChartIQ, you can expand beyond traditional charts to custom visualizations that intuitively explain and engage customers with actionable, tradable data.



ChartIQ Software Development Kit (SDK)


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Ultimate Flexibility

ChartIQ was built to give you unparalleled flexibility while maintaining ease of integration. Our novel injection API allows you to append, prepend, or overwrite any function inside the charting library without having to fork the source code. When our quarterly upgrades come out, no manual code merging is required.

Convenience functions and clean integration points make development a breeze. It’s the ultimate charting toolkit for developers.


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Trade from the Chart

The stock chart is central to pre-trade analysis, but separate from the workflow of entering a trade. This disconnect not only causes trades to be abandoned but increases the likelihood of making a mistake or not implementing proper risk management.

ChartIQ’s innovative Trade from the Chart module allows traders to construct and execute trades right from the chart. In addition to simple order types such as market orders, ChartIQ supports construction and execution of complex, multi-leg conditional orders (OCO, OTO, OTO linked to OCO, etc.)

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, users can place stop and limit orders, with automatically calculated risk/reward ratios. Filled and pending orders can also be plotted on the chart, allowing users to see historical trades, current positions, and pending orders (with the ability to click and modify).

ChartIQ’s Trade from the Chart module works seamlessly across desktop, tablet, and phone, so traders that place orders at their desk, can check and even modify or replace orders from their mobile device.




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