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ChartIQ’s HTML5 Charting Library was designed to make developers lives easier, and capital markets charts a heck of lot better for everyone.  We’ve spent years perfecting interactive time series charts and made it easy for you to add them to any trading or technical analysis platform, application, or web page.

Built as a powerful set of client-side JavaScript libraries, the HTML5 Charting Library gives you the flexibility to add and customize interactive financial charts anywhere that you and your traders want.


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One Library to Rule Them All

ChartIQ is the first and only professional grade HTML5 Charting Library solution that works seamlessly on any platform – web, desktop, tablet, mobile – using a single library.

Most companies have at least one financial charting library for each platform or application they target – web, C#, Java, Android, iOS, etc. It’s not just your users that suffer from a fragmented user experience – your developers have multiple code bases to maintain, let alone try to improve.

Give your users a consistent trading experience and empower your developers to spend time innovating instead of catching up. With ChartIQ, you can move beyond traditional charts to custom data visualizations that intuitively explain and engage customers with actionable, tradable data.

  • Data agnostic
  • 100+ technical analysis indicators, trading tools, and unique features
  • Easily integrate into any platform, application, or web page
  • Full developer support, plus automatic updates

Robust Software Development Kit (SDK)

ChartIQ’s HTML5 Charting Library is pure JavaScript and runs entirely within the browser. Within minutes, software developers can integrate the charting library by using our “drop-in” UI before adding and controlling charts programmatically with the SDK.

Our charting library has been carefully designed for compatibility with all major frameworks, but there are no third-party library requirements.

What makes ChartIQ’s HTML5 Charting Library robust?

  • Intuitive SDK
  • Modify CSS to change style and colors
  • Set behavior with a config object
  • Pass market data in JSON
  • Create technical indicators or drawing tools through inheritance
  • Use our “injection API” to tap into the kernel for advanced logic manipulation
  • World class support will instruct, assist, and provide sample code

For more technical information about our HTML Charting Library, check out our Technical Information page.







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Trade from the Chart


Utilizing Drawing Tools


Utilizing Studies







chartiq charting library api

A Full-Fledged API for Financial Charting

Financial charting for market data is difficult and time-consuming. It isn’t practical for most development teams to build advanced financial charts from the ground up. Furthermore, a “standards-based” solution that runs across multiple platforms, browsers, and devices adds additional layers of complexity.

ChartIQ’s HTML5 Charting Library was built to give you unparalleled flexibility while maintaining ease of integration. The library provides this level of sophistication with a novel injection API that allows you to append, prepend, or overwrite any function inside the charting library without having to fork the source code. When our quarterly upgrades come out, no manual code merging is required.

Develop with ease and confidence, knowing that as your application grows, ChartIQ will be there to support you.

  • All modern browsers supported.
  • Devices: Phone, tablet, desktop, “all-in-one” computers.
  • Native applications: iOS, Android, Windows, Java, C#, and Chrome App.

Front End Charting Package for Cryptocurrency

 ChartIQ’s charting software delivers the most advanced charting software for cryptocurrency platforms.  Are you in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and need charts for a new website or application? ChartIQ offers an out-of-the-box front-end solution that will get your crypto platform up and running in no time. Charts may be the hardest part of your platform to build – leave it to the capital markets charting experts at ChartIQ.

Charting Library Add-Ons

Build Your Own Indicators

You have the best charts and trading tools in your platform, but your active traders often want extra customization. For those needing more, we have created ScriptIQ. ScriptIQ allows traders to program their own indicators into the Charting Library by using Coffeescript syntax, a simplified syntax that compiles to JavaScript and follows the same pattern as other historical scripting languages.

Trade from the Chart

  • Drag-and-drop interface allows traders to construct and execute trades on the chart
  • Construction and execute complex, multi-leg conditional orders
  • Place stop and limit orders with auto-calculated risk/reward ratios
  • Historical trades/current positions/pending orders plotted on the chart with the ability to modify
  • Works on desktop, tablet, and phone
Data Sheet

Trading Central Integrations

Add Trading Central’s Analyst Views and Technical Events Plugin to your Charting Library for a more intelligent trading experience. Backed by an award-winning research team, Trading Central’s technical analysis tools are easy to use and allows traders to make more informed trading decisions.



Server Side Study Calculator

  • Clients can now run our study algorithms on the server
  • A new “chartless” view runs in Node.js
  • Calculate study values for security lists, search for securities, and generate alerts
  • See consistent content set and values across an array of applications in a technical analysis platform
  • Drive idea generation across a universe of securities
  • Check out demo page to see how the product will work with mock data in a demo environment
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Dive into our latest release, an extensive guide covering the HTML5 paradigm.

Bridge to HTML5 Guide

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