An Open Terminal

Closed terminals are monolithic solutions that have remained dominant because they own and control your workspace and workflow, but they are outdated and expensive.

Finsemble is the first open framework that allows firms to quickly and easily deploy multi-component desktop applications.

Imagine all the tools within your workflow—legacy, modern, and third-party—working together in a smarter, unified, and tailored desktop experience.

What is an Open Terminal?

An Open Terminal has the specific tools you choose – assembled and integrated – and delivers customizable workflow experiences to the front, middle, and back offices.

 Take Control

Reduce your dependency on rigid and generic proprietary terminals.

 Build Forward

Integrate legacy (.NET, Java, and native code) components into your HTML5 desktop strategy.

Finsemble ChartIQ desktop applications mockup




Build a smarter desktop application with custom, interoperable windows, workspaces, & workflows.

ChartIQ Finsemble IconFinsemble Makes It Easy.

Trailblazing HTML5 Functionality on the Desktop. 

The open terminal is delivered through the power of HTML5 functionality and its inherent openness. Choose exactly which applications you want in your terminal space and leave out anything that isn’t critical to productivity. Multiple window components, each running independently, can now be organized into systematic, synchronized workflows.

The open terminal facilitates customizable workflows by leveraging external APIs:


Personalized toolbar, launcher, dialog, dropdowns


Drag and drop to transfer and share data between windows


Save and restore workspaces


Sync windows by symbol or account

Powered by new HTML5 functionality:



Launch and manage native applications written in any language


Scalable, cross-window data binding


Turbocharged performance


Communicate between components

      See the possibilities with Finsemble and how it can work for your company. Check out our seed project.

Scale & Interoperate Quickly

Client-side integration is a revolutionary new way to think about interoperability, made possible by Finsemble’s APIs and HTML5 techniques. Client-side integration is a quick performing interaction and data exchange between components using pure JavaScript. Integrations that were once only possible through painful network and infrastructure overhauls now quickly deploy and scale thanks to the Finsemble framework.

  • Combine disparate technologies like native code or languages such as React, Angular, or JQuery with HTML5.
  • An alternative to expensive server-side integration efforts.
The Smart Desktop Framework


Who Benefits From Finsemble?

Decision Makers

Building HTML5 on the desktop is difficult. ChartIQ has solved the complex issues so your team can focus on accelerating product development.

  • Quickly roll out new functionality to users through lightweight, modular web deployment.
  • Reduce market data costs by eliminating proprietary terminals and leveraging in-house feeds.
  • Extend the life of legacy software by coupling it with new, nimble HTML5 components.

Product Owners

Product owners will find that Finsemble solves many complex problems—easily. It gives financial professionals the tools they actually need.

  • Mix and match components and data feeds to assemble your own custom workspace.
  • Integrate native, legacy and third-party applications, even if you don’t have source code control.
  • Improve user experience by building outside the single page application.


Developers in capital markets will learn that Finsemble makes HTML5 desktop development easy. We’ve addressed the time-consuming problems so your team doesn’t have to:

  • Gain the benefits of modern web development while building desktop applications.
  • Transition to HTML5 without overhauling your entire technology stack.
  • Build self-contained components that seamlessly work together with ChartIQ’s client-side integration. Reuse or repurpose existing technologies.

End Users

With the most advanced desktop application at their fingertips, end users can be more efficient, more informed, and enjoy workflows and workspaces that are suited to their exact needs.

  • Adoption is easy with the industry’s leading UX/UI technology
  • No more time wasted sorting through your data, Finsemble organizes and declutters your desktop
  • More activity achieved in less time thanks to the freedom and control of the Open Terminal

The Finsemble Ecosystem

A growing number of financial technology vendors have made their applications available as Finsemble components. Users draw on our ecosystem of best-of-breed components for off-the-shelf functionality to construct their own open terminal.

Have an application that supports capital markets workflow?

Join our Finsemble application ecosystem and share your technology with the industry’s leading institutions, hedge funds, and investment banks.



ChartIQ Finsemble multi-windows


Download the Finsemble Data Sheet.





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