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Finsemble balances the traditional terminal-like interface with modern UI. Explore Finsemble’s new floating toolbar in our latest video.


The Open Terminal

Finsemble is a desktop integration platform that connects applications together—modern or legacy, in-house or third-party. This is done with little to no development work. 

Finsemble allows you to create an open terminal—the terminal experience your users expect, but with your choice of applications, content, and data.

These applications work together intelligently to sync, link, and share information, even if they weren’t originally designed to do so.

ChartIQ Finsemble multi-windows

By leveraging two powerful integration layers, entire desktop solutions can be assembled in hours instead of months. 

Visual Integration

All applications launched by Finsemble share an aesthetic. This look and feel is defined by your organization through easy white labeling.

The following capabilities are available out of the box for all applications, with zero coding.

  • Snap, dock, tile, and tab any window
  • Save and re-launch windows in the same position and with the same content
  • Floating, dockable toolbar that launches apps and manages workspaces

Logical Integration

Applications communicate and work together no matter the language they’re written in—even if you don’t have control over the source code.

Logical integration allows you to create flexible workflows at scale.

  • Drag and drop data from one app to another to selectively share context
  • Link apps together for automatic syncing across a group or the entire platform
  • Extensible architecture allows firms to create custom, low-code workflows while also leveraging FDC3 standards


Integration In Action

ChartIQ Finsemble Icon      Are you a developer? Get started with Finsemble today. Check out our seed project.

Redefine Your Desktop with the Finsemble Ecosystem

Supported by our fintech partners, the Finsemble Ecosystem allows clients to discover, choose, and combine third-party applications into a custom desktop solution. It’s a smart solution that allows firms who license Finsemble to gain an entire suite of products for their open terminal without dedicating additional time and resources.

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finsemble chartiq application ecosystem



Finsemble screenshot ChartIQ


The Last Mile

Finsemble is a fully-realized product. Where other companies provide a map towards success, ChartIQ covers the distance with you.

We provide:

  • A complex microservice infrastructure that delivers critical insights and provides communication pathways
  • US-based developer support and documentation so that you’re building, not debugging
  • Polished UX targeted to the needs of the financial professional
  • Better workflows that increase efficiency by an order of magnitude
  • A complete solution, not just the tools to create one

Build faster with our Finsemble API Library:

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Organizing the Dashboard for Maximum Success


Check out a real world example of an optimized, orchestrated workflow between a salesperson and a client.

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<Div> on
the Desktop


See how HTML5 development on the desktop is changing the way applications are being developed.

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Moving Towards the Open Terminal


See how Finsemble is redefining the monolithic proprietary terminal with the open terminal.

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