Accelerate your OpenFin Application Development
Quickly assemble desktop applications from HTML5, .NET, and Java components.


HTML5 on the Desktop.

HTML5 running on OpenFin is the modern way to build powerful and beautiful desktop applications for finance. ChartIQ’s Finsemble now makes it even easier. Your HTML5 desktop application is one step closer to reality.

With Finsemble, developers gain access to UX/UI components (toolbar, launcher, dialog) and a full JavaScript API for assembling powerful, multi-window workspaces that work across multiple monitors. Finsemble complements OpenFin’s support for native languages such as .NET, Java, and Flex.  

Flip the paradigm. Scrap your legacy container and move to a pure HTML5 container that still supports native desktop components.


*Disclaimer: ChartIQ and third-party components are add-ons. Not included with a Finsemble license.

The UX Layer for OpenFin

Web toolkits are designed for building “single page” browser-based applications. Native desktop applications are inherently more complex, and require a new set of tools previously unavailable in HTML5.

Finsemble provides multi-window layouts, which allow users to organize their desktop into saved workspaces – even across multiple monitors. Components can communicate across window boundaries. They can synchronize and exchange data. Developers can finally break out of the single page paradigm.

Finsemble extends HTML5 with APIs that accelerate your desktop application project:

  • Window management
  • Workspace management
  • Dialogs, Menus and Launchers

Many organizations suffer from a fragmented environment with dozens or even hundreds of apps running in React, Angular, .NET, Java, or Flex. Finsemble unifies the user experience and streamlines application management, giving full control back to developers and product managers.

The Open Alternative to the Terminal

The desktop has been siloed for too long: market data lives in one container, third party apps in the browser, and in-house software on its own.

Finsemble is an open framework that unifies the desktop and provides the cohesive experience of a proprietary terminal, but with your choice of third party and in-house applications. Use your own market data or a range of third-party providers. No vendor lock-in. No proprietary app stores. Your desktop for your users.

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The Finsemble Platform

APIs – Core Framework, included.

Dockable Windows
Snap and dock windows

Workspace Manager
Save and restore workspaces

Include .NET & Java components

Link components by symbol or account

Event Router
Communicate between components

Save data to local or remote DB

Link to external authentication

UX/UI Components
Toolbar, launcher, dialog

Stream Multiplexer
Multiplex streams to components (coming soon)

Contextual search in component headers (coming soon)

Human Interface
Hot keys and other events (coming soon)

Components – Add-ons, not-included.

ChartIQ Components
Company Profile
Company Financials
Insider Trades

**Your HTML5, .NET, Java and Flex apps

Third Party:
Adaptable Blotter (from Adaptable Tools)
More 3rd-party Finsemble-ready apps coming soon…


Market Data

Built on OpenFin

Finsemble is a UX framework that is built on the OpenFin common operating layer. It provides pre-built components and architecture for common trading and market data terminal use cases.

OpenFin is the financial industry’s first common operating layer, enabling rapid and secure deployment, native experience and desktop interoperability.  The world’s largest banks and trading platforms use OpenFin to deploy desktop applications both in-house, and to their buy-side and sell-side customers.

Based on Google’s Chromium engine, OpenFin lets developers build with any HTML5 framework and provide native experience using OpenFin’s JavaScript API. OpenFin does not require local administration rights and can be installed and upgraded in a matter of seconds.


OpenFin adapters for Java, .NET, Flash and Adobe Air simplify HTML5 migration and make it easy to integrate with native applications running on the same desktop, including Microsoft Excel.

OpenFin provides a Community Edition which is free of charge for commercial use.  The Enterprise Edition adds 24×7 SLAs, language adapters, Excel/Bloomberg/Eikon plug-ins, on-premise license management, Windows group policy integration, and other enterprise features.  For more information, see OpenFin Licensing.


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