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The Finsemble Ecosystem

Supported by our fintech partners, the Finsemble Ecosystem allows clients to discover, choose, and combine third-party applications into a custom desktop solution with no additional development work required.

The Ecosystem offers a library of leading fintech applications that users can choose from to build and enhance their experiences on the desktop. Monitor social media, share industry reports, chat securely, and much more.

Whatever tools you need, our ecosystem delivers the best technology to the industry’s power users.


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Reduce your dependency (and costs) on proprietary terminals

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Create a desktop experience that matches today’s user expectations with best in breed tools and technology

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Preserve components from your existing legacy application, and combine with new tools from our ecosystem for a desktop experience that is entirely yours

Kx Systems

Kx is a suite of enterprise-level products and solutions centered around kdb+, the world’s fastest time series database. Dashboards for Kx presents an interactive editor to visualize data, compose interactions and share new applications on demand. By working with ChartIQ we not only add the gold-standard of financial charts but also demonstrate the performance and versatility of the Kx stack with native desktop integration via Finsemble, creating a powerful new digital work environment.

ChartIQ complements the data visualization provided in Dashboards for Kx with the best technical analysis and desktop integration available today.

SVP, UI Development

Ipushpull delivers an API that lets you securely share data between desktop applications like Microsoft Excel, mobile devices and cloud services in real-time, without sending files. The partnership between ipushpull and Finsemble extends significant value to Finsemble customers who want to enhance data sharing capabilities, stitch together top performing workflows quickly, and increase efficiency in the front office and beyond.

The application interoperability that Finsemble offers combined with ipushpull’s data interoperability provides
a seamless, efficient, workflow not only for the front office but right across capital market functions. We are
delighted to be part of the Finsemble Ecosystem which allows rapid deployment and plug-&-play functionality
compared to existing applications and projects which take months or even years to roll out.

Matthew Cheung

Yellowfin provides a Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics platform aimed at solving real enterprise analytics challenges and helping business people understand not only what happened, but why. Both Yellowfin and ChartIQ have a passion for advanced data visualisation, and together we make intelligent business insights far more accessible for the banking community.

“We’re thrilled to see Yellowfin analytics integrated into ChartIQ’s Finsemble solution. Embedding Yellowfin analytics gives finance professionals access to simplified workflows and reduces time-to-insight with our unique assisted insights and assisted data discovery capabilities.”

Shawn Deegan
General Manager
Market Earlybird

EarlyBird was developed by Danny Watkins, a former bank data security expert who identified a gap in the market for a fully compliant read-only Twitter capability augmented with an intelligent, financially-aware toolset to give financial professionals access to crucial market information that isn't surfaced elsewhere. EarlyBird was developed closely alongside early adopting customers including a hedge fund and a global investment bank.

The team at ChartIQ decided it was time to disrupt the market and return the choice of apps to the firm and the desk. Market EarlyBird is enthusiastically participating as a Finsemble Ecosystem partner.

Danny Watkins
Datawatch Panopticon

Leading capital markets firms rely on Panopticon from Datawatch for faster analytics of real-time streaming and time series data. The powerful combination of stream processing, rapid data comprehension through visual analysis, faster investigation through time series analysis, and playback down to the individual tick supports organizations in making faster, better informed decisions that have an immediate financial impact.

Panopticon and Finsemble are an excellent fit with each other. They are both designed for business users and require no coding or extensive IT projects to implement.

Peter Simpson
SVP Panopticon Streaming Analytics





 Market EarlyBird

How Do I Enter the Ecosystem?

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Entering the Finsemble Partner Ecosystem is easy. Thorough documentation and a team of integration experts can assist your developers with integration and deployment to both your existing customer base and the Finsemble ecosystem.

So whether you want to reach an audience of existing Finsemble users at a growing number of financial institutions, or you want to provide all of your existing customers with a Finsemble-compatible version of your application, you can do so at no cost. We’ll have you componentized, interoperable, and discoverable in no time at all!

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