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Ipushpull delivers an API that lets you securely share data between desktop applications like Microsoft Excel, mobile devices and cloud services in real-time, without sending files. The partnership between ipushpull and Finsemble extends significant value to Finsemble customers who want to enhance data sharing capabilities, stitch together top performing workflows quickly, and increase efficiency in the front office and beyond.




Infront provides a unique combination of global market data, news, analytics and trading tools. With proven solutions developed over 20 years by industry experts, the Infront Professional Terminal has become one of the most intuitive and flexible financial terminal available, helping buy-side and sell-side institutions grow their businesses, reduce costs, adapt to fast changing market requirements and work more effectively. Over 40,000 subscribers worldwide rely on Infront’s services.


ag-Grid is a JavaScript data grid designed for Enterprise Applications. It delivers a large feature set combined with Enterprise grade performance. ag-Grid provides all the standard features of a data grid as well as advanced features that no other product on the market offers. This means development time is significantly reduced for essential features. These features are highly extensible and customizable with detailed documentation and examples to support developers.

Adaptable Tools

Adaptable Tools is a fintech software house committed to building the tools to make data work for users, helping decision-making and enhancing productivity throughout data-driven organizations. Development focuses on end users, creating products which meet their needs intuitively.


Yellowfin provides a business intelligence and analytics platform aimed at solving real enterprise analytics challenges and helping business people understand not only what happened, but why. Both Yellowfin and ChartIQ have a passion for advanced data visualisation, and together we make intelligent business insights far more accessible for the banking community.



Market Earlybird

EarlyBird was developed by Danny Watkins, a former bank data security expert who identified a gap in the market for a fully compliant read-only Twitter capability augmented with an intelligent, financially-aware toolset to give financial professionals access to crucial market information that isn’t surfaced elsewhere. EarlyBird was developed closely alongside early adopting customers including a hedge fund and a global investment bank.



Altair Panopticon™

Panopticon Streaming Analytics gives traders, quants, and compliance officers the tools they need to build and deploy their own monitoring and analysis applications without writing a single line of code. Panopticon supports the specific requirements of electronic trading desks and allows them to react immediately to fast moving market events. Panopticon is a perfect fit for investment banks, hedge funds, exchanges, and asset managers that wish to improve profitability, ensure best execution, monitor risk, and comply with MiFID II and other regulations.



I4CFinancial GRID Monitor delivers a stream of high conviction trade ideas and insights packaged in small footprint visualisations of price action potential across multiple trading horizons and factors. These visuals provide comparative insights, plus mouse-hover contextual commentary, helping you take decisive and effective action. Combining fundamentals, traditional and next-gen technical analysis with AI optimization, GRID Monitor can start your trading session with fresh and compelling trade ideas.





Adaptive is a global financial technology consultancy with clients throughout Europe and America, supported by offices in London, Barcelona, Montreal and New York. Their clients include tier-1 investment banks, brokers, asset management firms, commodity trading houses and fintech providers. They provide expertise in designing, building and operating bespoke software solutions such as electronic trading systems, real-time workflow solutions and digital platforms on internal infrastructure as well as public cloud.



Money.Net’s financial platform, built by a team of industry experts in New York, provides real time and historical global market prices and fundamentals, fast breaking financial news, charts, alerts and analytics. Information is provided for equity, FX and commodity markets. Everything is included: desktop, mobile as well as live streaming feeds for spreadsheets. A range of professionals, from financial advisors, hedge fund traders, equity researchers, FX sales and trading staff, to corporate treasuries rely on Money.Net, known also for its excellent customer support.




Kx Systems

Kx is a suite of enterprise-level products and solutions centered around kdb+, the world’s fastest time series database. Dashboards for Kx presents an interactive editor to visualize data, compose interactions and share new applications on demand. By working with ChartIQ we not only add the gold-standard of financial charts but also demonstrate the performance and versatility of the Kx stack with native desktop integration via Finsemble, creating a powerful new digital work environment.

ChartIQ complements the data visualization provided in Dashboards for Kx with the best technical analysis and desktop integration available today.

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