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A full-fledged API for financial Charting

ChartIQ stands alone in being purposefully built for high-end financial charting and technical analysis.

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Built by developers, for developers: whatever your requirement, ChartIQ can be used to build it.

ChartIQ’s charting library is the quickest way to add interactive time series charts to your application or webpage. It is also the most powerful SDK for customizing and building advanced chart-based tools. It is pure JavaScript and runs entirely in the browser. Get started in minutes by using our “drop in” UI, then add and control charts programmatically with our powerful SDK.


Our charting library has been carefully designed for compatibility with all major frameworks, but there are no third-party library requirements. The SDK is intuitive. To change style or colors simply modify CSS. Set behavior with a config object. Pass market data in JSON. Create studies or drawing tools through inheritance. Use our “injection API” to tap into the kernel for advanced logic manipulation. Our world class support will instruct, assist and provide sample code.


We Support:

Browsers: IE8+, Mobile Safari, Android and all modern browsers. Devices: Phone, tablet, desktop, "all in one" computers. Native applications: iOS, Android, Windows, Java, C# and Chrome App.

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