Trends in Capital Markets Technology

ChartIQ + Finsemble Webinar Series

Now—more than ever—the financial industry must embrace digital transformation initiatives to increase efficiencies, retain end-users and “wow” their clients. This webinar series invites you to gain expert insights into technology trends that are evolving capital markets technology—from desktop interoperability to data visualization for FICC.


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Data is the new black: A decade of trends in technology.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 @ 11:00 EST

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Data has always been a big player in financial technology, but the solutions to analyze, interpret and organize the data have evolved over the past decade. From the early 2000s when the data storage challenge resulted in “the cloud” terminology to the alternative data we see today, the demand for visualization has skyrocketed. Join ChartIQ Chief Commercial Officer Julie Armstrong and Crux Informatics CTO Mark Etherington as they discuss navigating the changing landscape of data and technology over the past decade.


Julie Armstrong
Chief Commercial Officer, ChartIQ

Mark Etherington
Chief Technology Officer, Crux Informatics

Integrated Workflows: From Nice-to-Have to Business Continuity Imperative.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 @ 2:30PM Singapore Time (SGT)

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Smart Desktops, Interoperability, and Robotic Process Automation were key themes in 2019 for Capital Markets. In the midst of a pandemic, firms are discovering the investments they made in these digitization initiatives changed from ways to increase efficiency and effectiveness, to critical business continuity infrastructure. In this webinar, learn what this new “disaster-proofing” looks like in the unprecedented age of remote working. Join us to hear industry experts discuss how banks and technology firms are collaborating on next-generation digital initiatives to handle global work-from-home orders.

Speakers include: Citi, Bloomberg, Illuminate Financial Management, iPushPull, and Finsemble/ChartIQ



Dan Schleifer
CEO and Co-founder, ChartIQ

Luka Zorzino
Investment Director, Illuminate Financial


Douglas Laurie
EMEA App Portal & Terminal Connect Sales, Bloomberg

Victor Alexiev
Director, APAC Head of Programs & Strategic Partnerships, Citi Ventures

Matthew Cheung
CEO, ipushpull

FDC3 Support Made Easy: Finsemble 4.3 Release Webinar

Thursday, June 25, 2020 @ 10:00  EST

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As smart desktop providers embrace new FDC3 standards, application interoperability is entering a watershed moment. With Finsemble 4.3, it’s now possible to leverage the latest FDC3 universal standards in your smart desktop project. In this webinar, Sidd Dalal, Director of Solutions Engineering, will showcase the Finsemble 4.3 release, including FDC3 1.1 support (such as intent, context and app directory specifications), advanced notifications and many developer enhancements. See what’s new with Finsemble and join the FDC3 discussion.


Sidd Dalal
Director of Solutions Engineering, ChartIQ

A new name. A new chapter. Celebrate the ChartIQ rebrand.

Date TBD

For eight years our company has been committed to building software that evolves the finance industry and creates new ways to work for financial professionals. Over the years, we’ve learned that creating the gold-standard in charting solutions is only the beginning. Our clients have huge projects and bigger missions—and we are here to help them achieve (and surpass) their goals. Our dual-product company is ready for the next step. Join our co-founders as they discuss what inspired them to make these changes. Check out our new brand, our new name, and how we plan to shape a new way to work.


Dan Schleifer
CEO and Co-founder, ChartIQ

Terry Thorsen
CTO and Co-founder, ChartIQ


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