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As a company focused on data visualization and the creator of the world’s most powerful HTML5 charts, we know that plotting an event in time on a chart is a necessity. But for events that have a beginning and an end, we’ve come up with a way to visualize the specific time span and all of the events that occur within it. With ChartIQ Life Cycle Events you can see how a given event—occurring over a span of time—relates to the market, and analyze each of its relevant data points. .

  • Support events that occur over a period of time, not simply a given instant.
  • Highlight ranges of time associated with a series of events, such as holding periods, press conference, institutional order, or a recession


  • See the contextual relevance of events on the market.
  • Connect what’s happening in the market to external events—news, corporate actions, etc.
  • Comprehend the inter-relationship between elements of a complex event.


  • Present clients with a unique view of the market. Layer in your proprietary data to see the interactions with market data occurring within the event.
  • Outdo your competition by being the first to provide a window into how a given event can affect market movement

How can Life Cycle Events help you?

Check out these use cases.

Image shows Coronavirus Timeline, with relevant statistics displayed at date of occurrence.

Pandemic Tracker: Covid-19

At ChartIQ, we leveraged the power of Life Cycle Events to come up with a solution to chart a pandemic. Clients can display a Coronavirus Timeline, relevant news stories, and an Outbreak Tracker directly on the chart. Their users have access to visually organized data to see how the pandemic continues to affect the market.


A customized events panel displayed all your data points.

Post-Trade Visualization

ChartIQ Post-Trade Visualization is a toolkit for firms to merge proprietary data (chats, phone logs, OMS/EMS data) and market/third-party data to see a clear picture of how their orders were executed in the markets. Slippage, liquidity fluctuations, algo performance, and countless other order dynamics become immediately apparent.

Compliance officers and traders benefit from seeing all events that occur during an institutional order, while meeting regulations like

  • Reconstruct trades – Integrate phone calls, chat histories, and emails
  • Event “swimlanes” provide visual clarity regarding the sequence of events
  • Reconstitute the order life cycle to ensure best execution

See when and where trades were executed.

Transaction Cost Analysis

Life Cycle Visualization supports TCA analytics by showing when and where the trades were executed. See each execution related to bid/ask. Understand the price impact of market transactions, and include charts in TCA reports.


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