Introducing true order transparency.

Trade reconstruction never looked so good.

Post-Trade Visualization is a toolkit for firms spending time merging proprietary data (chats, phone logs, OMS data) and market/third-party data, with no way to see everything in one place.

Compliance officers and traders benefit from seeing all events that occur during an institutional order. Learn what else you can create with our Life Cycle Events Module.



The Smart Desktop for Finance

Finsemble is a desktop integration platform that connects applications together—modern or legacy, in-house or third-party. This is done with little to no development work.

Supported by our fintech partners, the Finsemble Ecosystem allows clients to discover, choose, and combine third-party applications into a custom desktop solution. Applications work together intelligently to sync, link, and share information, even if they weren’t originally designed to do so.

Learn more about integrating old and new applications with Finsemble.

The World’s Most Powerful HTML5 Financial Charts

ChartIQ is the first and only HTML5 charting library solution that works seamlessly on any platformweb, desktop, tablet, mobileusing a single library. Easily customize and add interactive financial charts to any trading or technical analysis platform, application, or web page. With over 300 global customers, ChartIQ charts can be found on millions of desktops around the world.

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ChartIQ Charting Library Mobile

Quick Return On Investment

We know the difference it makes to your bottom line when you get great software out the door quickly. Our products give your teams unparalleled control and empower them to simplify what has historically been complex.

Made up of powerful APIs and purpose-built features, ChartIQ frees up your developers and makes your whole operation agile and easy to scale.  This means faster time to market and higher returns on your investment.

Our Solutions

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The finance world’s most powerful HTML5 financial charts that work seamlessly on any platform, and can be deployed with little to no development work.

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A desktop integration platform that connects any type of application – modern or legacy, in-house or third-party. Pre-built desktop services allow firms to create a customized, smart desktop faster.


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