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Why ChartIQ?

Any old app can give you a basic stock chart, but only ChartIQ lets you conduct detailed technical analysis right from your iPad. Powerful indicators (Visual Earnings, RSI Divergence, etc), automatic gap detection, a complete set of drawing and annotation tools, and watch lists you can flip through with your thumb. Better tools make for better trades, and with ChartIQ, you can analyze stocks wherever you go.

Full StockTwits integration

Whether you’re looking for up to the minute buzz along side an intraday chart, or historical commentary from months back, ChartIQ + StockTwits gives it to you. ChartIQ is the only technical analysis software – anywhere, on any device – that gives you a full StockTwits experience right on the chart.

Low Cost Real-Time Data

ChartIQ and ChartIQ Pro both come with free commercial-quality End of Day (EOD) data. Starting at only $9/mo, you can add real-time, intraday data feeds for US equities, indices and Forex. And you can try any real-time data plan free for 10 days!

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